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Tangible hardback copies!

My three books, Growing Up Floridian, Natalie, A New England Girl with Cowboy Dreams and Natalie’s Dreams Take a Tropical Twist are now available in hardback editions on Amazon. Parrish, FL in the 1950s and 1960s is an important setting in the narrative. Video connections and additional information are offered on my blog, GoodReads author page, and my Amazon author page.

The movie trailer I created suggests the possibility of a film based on my mother’s life from when she graduated from Reading High School in MA in 1943 until her cowboy dream died in 1964. Natalie’s Cowboy and the longer clip bearing the title of the first book in the two volume series offer photos and video clips from Natalie and Bill’s life.

The short grainy video was shot by Natalie from Bill’s 1957 Ford Ranchero in 1959 using a Revere Eight Model Fifty eight millimeter movie camera as they drove on to the Quarter Circle A Ranch coming off of State Road 62 seven miles east of Parrish. They pulled up in front of the house Bill built in the winter of 1957/58.

The fourth clip was shot by me using my iPhone in 2021 as I walked into and through the tree line hiding Gamble’s Creek and emerging to see the house Bill built 63 years later. The property would be a great setting for a movie featuring Natalie, Bill, and the Blackstones, Faye and Vick.

GoodReads author page:

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